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Rainwater harvesting has come of age. We can show you how our systems can deliver water to your washing machine and toilet flushing systems, all round your home. You need never worry about the waste of your washing machine again. And you may find the annual water usage of your washer is huge.
In fact, you can recycle rainwater for most of your household uses (research shows - at least 53%), leaving only drinking water as your need from the water authorities? It would save you a lot of money in the long-term and you’d be insulated from rising charges in the future as mains water becomes more expensive. Recent press reports that in the UK every single residential property will have a meter installed by at the latest 2020. Most urban residences will all have them long before then.

Apart from the long-term financial savings, water recycling is an important environmental subject. You may not realise it but water wastage is serious, and not just in places like Australia and America where whole cities are soon going to literally run out of fresh water. Water is a precious commodity. Just because your water may not be metered yet it doesn't mean you should let it run away. If you waste water the water companies have to clean more, and that means more energy, hence more CO2, apart from anything else.

We install systems that use a combination of tanks, filters and pumps to deliver clean rainwater to the units that can use it around your property. The same process applies to commercial and domestic properties. We'll always advise you to have the tank placed under ground but it doesn't have to be and it's cheaper if it isn't. The other system components will be invisible but serviceable. We also install backup and switch-over (mains/rain) capabilities. It all means that you never have to do anything. If by some strange turn of events, we had no rain for a couple of months, your system would simply start using mains water.

Rainwater is pumped from the tank, filtered and cleaned for direct feed in to your washing machine and cisterns. From the first day of rain, your rainwater system investment will be earning its money back.

There is no better way to solve your water wastage problem, ease your conscience and protect your finances, than rainwater harvesting.

How much mains water do you use where filtered rainwater could be used?

* Average washing machine cycle - 65 litres (12p)

* Dishwasher cycle – 25 litres (5p)

* Flushing the toilet – about 8 litres (1.52p)

* Bath – 80 litres (15p)

* Shower – 35 litres (7p)

* Power shower – 80 litres (15p)

* Washing a car with a bucket – 8 litres per bucket (6p)

* Washing a car with a hosepipe – more than 400 litres (over 76p)

* Watering the garden with a hosepipe – 540 litres (1.03p)

source: THE INDEPENDENT, 24 April 2008,

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We install STORMSAVER Rainwater Harvesting Systems.

these are extremely efficient and cost-effective systems, ideally suited to commercial applications. especially for schools. [read more]


We also install other systems, such as ecozi. Please call us for details and installations quotations.