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Central heating services take up a large portion of our workload. We fit new boilers and service and repair existing ones. As well as domestic work we have landlords and property maintenance companies on our books. Call us for associated work as well, such as installation of radiators, moving boilers to other locations, emergencies, etc.
We fit a wide range of boilers and can show you how to get more from your central heating system. Whether you need a new boiler, want to move an existing one or simply don't have enough heat or hot water, call us for installation and maintenance options.
Most types of boiler can be high efficiency or 'condensing' boilers. There are high efficiency combination boilers, system boilers or traditional open vent boilers. The term 'condensing' or high efficiency applies to the technology which is used. This means the boiler recovers more heat from the amount of gas that is burnt thereby making it more efficient than conventional boilers.

By recovering and using heat that would otherwise be lost up the flue, the best high efficiency boilers can operate with seasonal efficiencies in excess of 90%. Although high efficiency boilers require a higher initial investment, they are very economical, and can repay the extra initial cost in fuel savings.

If your existing boiler is more than 15 years old, replacing it with a high efficiency boiler could save you as much as 35p in every 1 on the gas used for heating and hot water.




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